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    Work with us


Position: Marketing & Communication Manager
Options: Full-time / Part-time / Internship

Description: Marketing is our life; it’s what we do. There plenty of ways how to communicate a message. Social Media, blogs, ads, events, even calls. We do all of them! If you want to be part of the team, do not hesitate to send us.

Keywords: marketing, sales, social media, event organizing, B2C, blogging


Position: Content Creation & Copywriter
Options: Part-time / Full-time/ Project-based / Internship

Description: Do you like writing articles? Are you a blogger or you wish to be one? Would you like writing content for marketing campaigns? We have plenty of work for you! A large variety of projects: from travel guides to event reviews. If you think you are creative enough, you should contact with us!

Keywords: blogging, marketing, social media, research, content


Position: Startup Enthusiast
Options: Part-time / Project-based / Internship

Description: We are a stakeholder in the startup ecosystem of Greece. Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey about promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Greece, including blogging, searching and event organizing. In case you want to be part of that, contact with us!

Keywords: blogging, event organising, research, startup, community


Title: Travel Blogger
Options: Part-time / Project-based / Intership

Description: We are more and more focused on tourism. Therefore we need someone who is so passionate about travel that he/she love writing about it. Writing about places, guides, and even recipes! If you are blogger or you wish to go for it, let’s work together.

Keywords: tourism, research, blogging, copywriting


Position: Sales Manager
Options: Part-time / Full-time (Salary+Bonus)

Description: Do you love communicating with people? Then you are our guy/girl! We are looking for people who are motivated to earn money by helping businesses. If you believe you are that person, do not hesitate to work with us.

Keywords: sales, marketing, B2B, business


Position: Marketing & PR Manager
Options: Full-time / Part-time / Project-Based / Internship

Description: Public Relations is a key-point for marketing of today.
We have significant experience in PR for business, therefore we decided to focus on that. If you believe you can contribute in that, feel free to contact with us.

Keywords: marketing, event organizing, social media, B2B, blogging, public relations


Position: Social Media Manager
Options: Part-time / Full-time / Internship

Description: Do you love using social media? So we do! We are openning job that is partly or fully dedicated to so social media management for our channels and of our customers. In case you are interested to know how to optimize the social image of a brand, do not hesitate to contact with us.

Keywords: social media, marketing, branding, community, B2C


Position: Web designer / Web developer (junior position)
Options: Full-time / Part-time / Internship

Description: Our world is digital. The majority of projects we have, require hard of light web development. We are moving also towards the mobile development, but that’s a «story» for later time. If you are interested to join, feel free to contact with us.

Keywords: web design, development, mobile

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